Wyoming Cutt Slam Fly Fishing Video Part 1: Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout

"We're haulin' tubes down to the lake!"
Last year, my Dubois Wyoming fly fishing friend Dennis K and I set out to complete the Wyoming Cutt-Slam.

While it is not required to finish the Cutthroat Slam in any set amount of time, we wanted to try to catch all 4 sub-species of Cutthroat Trout in Wyoming before the end of the 2011 Fall Season. We set out to catch them all while fly fishing (of course).

I think it is only fair to warn you that I have a quirky sense of humor. Also, could we agree that there exists within most Fly Anglers, a serious sense of Competition? I'd say Dennis "Threw the first Punch" - and this fly fishing video is my counter, "Upper-Cut maybe a Jab" POW! (lol) PS: If you like these videos, won't you please Give 'Em A Thumbs UP? Thank you kindly!

Continuing from the WYO Cutt Slam Video Trailer (can be seen below) this is the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout video. Part 1 of a 4 Part Series of fly fishing videos from Dubois, Wyoming.

The Wyoming Cutt Slam is put on by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

More About The Wyoming Cutthroat Slam From the WY G & F

"Wyoming's Cutt Slam Program is a program designed to encourage anglers to learn more about Wyoming's cutthroat sub-species and develop more appreciation and support of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's cutthroat management program."
What You Do In The Wyoming Cutt Slam Program:

Catch Wyoming's four cutthroat sub-species in their native range in Wyoming. This does not have to be done in any particular order.

1) The Yellowstone Cutthroat (This fly fishing video is about the Yellowstone Cutthroat Species)

2) The Snake River Cutthroat (This will be fly fishing video Part 2 on the Snake River)

3) The Colorado River Cutthroat (Part 3 - catching this Cutthroat trout near Afton Wyoming)

4) The Bonneville Cutthroat (Part 4 - we also caught the Bonneville Cutty during our fly fishing trip near Afton)

Complete the Wyoming Cutthroat Slam Verification Form and submit the application and the pictures to a local Regional Office Fisheries Section

What the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Will Do For You:

"Once we receive documentation that you have caught all four sub-species, the Wyoming Game and Fish will send you a color certificate featuring the four sub-species recognizing your accomplishment. One certificate per person, please."

Cutt-Slam Verification form Click to Download
This Certificate is certainly something we wanted hanging on our respective walls before the fly fishing season was over!

Filmed and photographed entirely near stunning Dubois, Wyoming at Pelham Lake - and other wonderful fly fishing locations out here in 2011.

Starring in the Videos and/or Images: Dennis K and Bradley Marlow

Filmed, Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow

Special Thanks with some Photo Credits: to Dennis K

Another great day of Dubois Wyoming fly fishing. 

Can't wait to see you next.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Bradley Marlow
Bradley Marlow East Fork of The Wind River in Fall
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Leon (on the left) Helping Friend Larry Get His Brown
A good friend of mine, named Leon, happens to be one of the best Dubois Wyoming guided fly fishing gentleman around. He has spent nearly a lifetime making friends, guiding clients and generally, just helping people.

While he has done this, Leon today has noticed that some things change, and some things never do. A few years back, he also began to help folks find beautiful houses. Wind River - fly fishing properties they call them. Some call them "Home"

As Leon tells his story about the good ol' days, he mentions with a light in his eyes, the fact that he was "simply passing through town" - about 25 years ago - and he is still "checking it out. I can certainly understand why.

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing and Real Estate Guide video for Leon. That certainly is a mouthful, isn't it? Nonetheless, thought you might like to see it here. 

This was with one of his dear friends, Mary T. What a day of fly fishing she had on the Wind River! Check it out (Less than 2 minutes long)

You too can "Catch A Good Deal" when it comes to Dubois Wyoming real estate - if you like.

Best Wishes to You and Yours ...and we'll see you on the Wind!

Bradley Marlow

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