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Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides - We cover the Bighorn River, Green River, Snake River and of course, the Wind River
Vic "Two Guns" A - All Business Wind River Near Dubois, Wyoming
Over the course of nearly one and a half years, I gathered Wyoming fly fishing guides video footage of clients, places where one can go drift boat fly fishing, images and information - all to make this video.

More important details below...Without further ado, here is that video compilation boiled down to just about 5 minutes.

A REAL Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides Video

The goal? Quite simply, I wanted to share a taste of fly fishing in Wyoming. I also wanted to make sure that everything that went into this little production, was real!

How many times to we visit youtube to get information on a subject or a review about fly fishing gear - like the Greys Streamflex XF2 Rod for example - only to discover the video, pictures or the content lacking? Anyway, I definitely avoided that pitfall and hope you may be inspired by this sample of Wyoming Fly Fishing.

Here you may feast your eyes on something that is real! Real fly fishing guides that actually talk, real clients with real smiles, Wyoming fly fishing pictures of real trout and real flies hooked in their lips (or close by anyway) :). Heck. I think I even threw in a picture of a real Yellow Sally that just hatched out last Sunday. For any one who has dreamed of fly fishing in Wyoming - this video is for you.

Our Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides Have Many Options For You

  1. The Wind River Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  2. Brooks Lake and Stream Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  3. Horse Creek Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  4. Warm Springs Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing
  5. The Green River, Drift Boat Fly Fishing Seedskedee Wyoming
  6. The Big Horn River, Wade Fishing and Drift Boat Fly Fishing Thermopolis Wyoming
  7. The Snake River, Jackson Hole Wyoming Drift Boat and Wade Fly Fishing
Our guides are not only enthusiastic about fly fishing, they are incredibly patient and extremely skilled in the art of helping to put you “on the fish”. Our caring Wyoming fly fishing guides can certainly help a beginner to cast a fly-fishing rod and catch fish.

If you have in interest in our fly fishing trips in Wyoming, please feel free to get in touch with our Wyoming Fly Shop (Marlow's).

We have even added a way you can reserve your trip and apply that amount to your actual booking.

Thank you for checking out this post and look forward to seeing you in beautiful Dubois Wyoming soon.

Best wishes,

Bradley Marlow
Owner: Marlow's Fly Shop and Central Booking
116 East Ramshorn Unit 1A
Dubois, WY. 82513

Wind River Fishing Report April 2012 Dubois Wyoming

Wind River Fly Fishing Report for April 8th, 2012

Wind River Fly Fishing just out side Dibois Wyoming can produce some amazing fish
Brown Trout Caught On The Wind River: Dubois Wyoming
Fly fishing today was excellent! 

The water was "green" yet clear enough.

I jotted down some notes for you so that way you have an idea on the conditions for the Upper Wind River.

Here is a quick Dubois Wyoming Wind River fishing Video Report. (less than 2 min.)

Wind River Fishing - Water Temperature: 39
Upper Wind River Water Flow (Dubois, WY): 80 cfs
Wind River Water Clarity: Very Good and Green!
Dubois WY Weather: Temps in Low 60's - Intermittent Gusts up to 25-30mph

Managed to catch come very nice Brown Trout and one of them was on a 3wt 10 foot Greys Streamflex XF2 fly rod. What a fight! So much fun.

Fish Caught: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Mountain Whitefish

Wading Difficulty Level: Normal to Slick In Spots with Silt Build-Up

Upper Wind River Hatches: Midges, BWO's, Black Midges, Mayfly

Recommended Wind River Fly Fishing Nymphs To Try:

  • Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear (size 14-16)
  • "Trussell Tweener" Bead Head (12-14)
  • Bead Head Stonefly w/Legs (size 8-10)
  • Muddy Mary (stonefly) (size 8-10)

Wind River Fly Fishing Report April 2012 Fly Fishing In Dubois Wyoming

Filmed, Produced and Edited by Bradley Marlow. Special Thanks with some Photo Credits: to Dennis K.

Another great day of Dubois Wyoming fly fishing. Can't wait to see you on the Wind River - doing a little fly fishing.

Best wishes to you and yours,
Bradley Marlow

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