Dubois WY Fly Fishing Guide Also Sells Homes - Must See Video

Leon (on the left) Helping Friend Larry Get His Brown
A good friend of mine, named Leon, happens to be one of the best Dubois Wyoming guided fly fishing gentleman around. He has spent nearly a lifetime making friends, guiding clients and generally, just helping people.

While he has done this, Leon today has noticed that some things change, and some things never do. A few years back, he also began to help folks find beautiful houses. Wind River - fly fishing properties they call them. Some call them "Home"

As Leon tells his story about the good ol' days, he mentions with a light in his eyes, the fact that he was "simply passing through town" - about 25 years ago - and he is still "checking it out. I can certainly understand why.

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a Dubois Wyoming Fly Fishing and Real Estate Guide video for Leon. That certainly is a mouthful, isn't it? Nonetheless, thought you might like to see it here. 

This was with one of his dear friends, Mary T. What a day of fly fishing she had on the Wind River! Check it out (Less than 2 minutes long)

You too can "Catch A Good Deal" when it comes to Dubois Wyoming real estate - if you like.

Best Wishes to You and Yours ...and we'll see you on the Wind!

Bradley Marlow

Marlows Fly Shop
116 East Ramshorn
Unit 1A
Dubois, WY. 82513

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